VideoPropulsion Begins Shipments of Verimatrix® to Pro:Idiom® and LYNK® Streaming Transcrypters and Transcoders for Hospitality

VideoPropulsion Begins Shipments of Verimatrix® to Pro:Idiom® and LYNK® Streaming Transcrypters and Transcoders for Hospitality

VideoPropulsion® is now shipping high-density solutions for content providers enabling the delivery of up to 96 digital TV channels to hospitality establishments over hotel coax or IP networks. The new solution decrypts existing MPEG2 and/or H.264 HD and SD linear programming encrypted with Verimatrix®, optionally transcodes to another MPEG format, then re-encrypts the content using any of the approved AES-128 based hospitality standards for content protection including LG Pro:Idiom®, Samsung LYNK™, or Verimatrix®.


Slinger, WI June 27, 2017 – Now in its 43rd year of continuous operation, VideoPropulsion® (OTC:VPTV) is now delivering a product line for content providers to more efficiently deliver existing MPEG linear video channels to hospitality establishments over high-speed hotel coax and IP networks.

The FG-9000V Series includes the ability to decrypt up to 96-channels of MPEG2 or H.264 (MPEG4) IP linear programming encrypted in Verimatrix, optionally transcode to another MPEG format, re-encrypt into LG Pro:Idiom Samsung LYNK, or back into Verimatrix, and stream out over QAM (coax) or IP. Add-on options are available to support a second or even third encryption standard simultaneously using the resultant assets as well as playing streams out
watermarked with no encryption.

“Hospitality TV companies have been using our FloodGate® series of head-end based appliances to deliver MPEG video services to hotels for over ten years”, said Carl Pick, CEO at VideoPropulsion. "Our new FG-9000V Series enables operators to more efficiently deliver linear channels encrypted in Verimatrix to institutions by utilizing our high-density MPEG2-to-H.264 transcrypter/transcoders coupled with flexible encrypted outputs for content protection”.

Other features of the FG-9000V include remote monitoring, GUI for easy
configuration and management, IPMI, and SNMP. The FG-9000V Series is
available directly from VideoPropulsion.

About VideoPropulsion

Now in its 43rd year, VideoPropulsion has been a world leader in hardware and software for high performance, low cost per stream, digital content manipulation, and has established a reputation for providing unique HDTV, VoD, and IPTV products. The Company offers revolutionary FloodGate satellite and CATV transcryption appliances as well as OEM computer modules for a variety of
applications, including streaming, multiplexing, demultiplexing, modulation, demodulation, transcoding, encryption, and splicing MPEG formatted data.

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