VideoPropulsion now making its PCIe hardware encryption cards used in thousands of the Company's digital television appliances available to OEM customers.

Slinger, Wisconsin USA  August 3, 2018 VideoPropulsion® is pleased to announce immediate availability of the Company’s FGate Xn6 PCIe encrypter cards.  A variety of output encryption options is offered including Pro:Idiom®, Verimatrix®, and Samsung Lynk®.  Content can be played out over IP and/or coax networks.  Customers must be licensed users of any given encryption protocol.

FGate modules are short, low-profile (HHHL) PCIe X1 slot cards.  Power requirement is 12 Watts.  The Linux driver directs unencrypted SPTS MPEG2, H.264, or H.265 content to the card, and then retrieves an encrypted version of the stream for real-time playout on coax or IP networks.

“VideoPropulsion further expands its digital television business, now offering the DRM hardware used in our ubiquitous appliances to OEMs”, said Carl Pick, Chief Scientist of VideoPropulsion.  "The availability of our FGate Xn6 encryptors now provides system builders with more ways to deliver the highest end-to-end content security.”

Cards are available directly from VideoPropulsion.  

About VideoPropulsion

Now in its 44th year, VideoPropulsion has been a world leader in hardware and
software for high performance, low cost per stream, digital content manipulation, and has established a reputation for providing unique HDTV, VoD, and IPTV products. The Company offers revolutionary FloodGate satellite and CATV transcryption appliances as well as OEM computer modules for a variety of applications, including streaming, multiplexing, demultiplexing, modulation, demodulation, transcoding, encryption, and splicing MPEG formatted data.

For further information, contact:
     Emily Otte
     General Manager
     255 Info Highway
     Slinger, WI 53086
     (262) 644-1000 x102

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