VideoPropulsion Announces Low Cost High Definition to Standard Definition Transcoders

Slinger, Wisconsin USA   June 13, 2018 – VideoPropulsion®(OTC:VPTV) has just announced a new, low-cost model of its FloodGate®digital television appliances capable of transcoding high definition (HD) content to standard definition (SD). The FG-6475 for coax and FG-6675 for IP allow transcoding from 1080p, 1080i, or 720p HD formats to 480p or other SD resolutions at a price 40% below that of the Company’s popular, traditional transcoders.  The source or destination streams can be either MPEG2 or MPEG4 (H.264).  A wide variety of optional decryption of input and/or encryption of output streams are available.  Content can be played out over IP and/or coax networks.  Reduced bit rate SD content can also be chunked and streamed in HLS or DASH composition with the FloodGate’s integral web server.

An FG-6x75 HD to SD Transcoder can process from 6 to 60 programs.  FG-6x75 transcoders are housed in a 3U, 14” (360mm) deep, 20lb (9kg) rackmount chassis with single 500W power supplies.

“VideoPropulsion has successfully leveraged over 40 years of business experience, 25 years of digital television success, and a decade of transcoding technology leadership to bring its newest, most affordable and feature rich solution to the marketplace”, says Carl Pick, Founder, Chairman and Chief Scientist of VideoPropulsion.  “As long established sources of SD content become unavailable, we believe the introduction of our cost-effective Floodgate HD to SD transcoders further demonstrates our long standing ability to solve mission critical TV deployment problems.” 

FG-6x75 HD to SD Transcoder

About VideoPropulsion

Now in it’s 44thyear, VideoPropulsion has been a world leader in hardware and software for high performance, low cost per stream, digital content manipulation, and has established a reputation for providing unique HDTV, VoD, and IPTV products. The Company offers revolutionary FloodGate satellite and CATV transcryption appliances as well as OEM computer modules for a variety of applications, including streaming, multiplexing, de-multiplexing, modulation, demodulation, transcoding, encryption, and splicing MPEG formatted data.

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