Specialty Transcryptors

Custom Content Security Solutions

VideoPropulsion can easily provide customized solutions to solve any digital television (DTV) problem. Many of our products provide "Transcryptor" services - the ability to take in streams encrypted in one form of content protection, decrypt, then re-encrypt into a second form of content protection.

One example of a VideoPropulsion custom solution is the FloodGate FG-4210Q -- a unique appliance than can transcrypt from VSECURE to either Pro:Idiom or SamsungLYNK.

FloodGate FG-4210Q

The FloodGate FG-4210Q is a remarkable niche appliance that demonstrates VideoPropulsion's ability to taylor DTV soluitions based on unique customer requirements. The FG-4210Q is a "transcryptor" that can decrypt VSECURE encrypted content, then re-encrypt into either Pro:Idiom or SamsungLYNK encryption.