DVB PCIe Cards for OEM & System Builders

Up to 128 QAM Channels on a single PCIe card?

VideoPropulsion's latest generation of Torrent QAM Modulator products solve a myriad of system integration problems from single channel QAM PCIe cards to integrated EdgeQAM appliances. These standards-based devices are ideal for systems integrators and value-added resellers supplying unique and challenging solutions to the DTV industry.

Smashing the price per channel to an all new low!

QN12LPe 12 Channel Low Profile PCI Express QAM ModulatorVideoPropulsion has a long history of high performance, state of the art, product designs. We've just set the bar even higher. Our new 4th generation architecture is taking the cost per stream to new lows.

From top to bottom, we've re-architected our OEM Products to provide ultra high density solutions for QAM, COFDM, DVB-ASI, DVB-T, DVB-H, and DVB-C technologies at prices you won't find anywhere else.

If you've been using our previous generation of cards, you won't have to re-write your applications software to migrate to higher performance and lower costs. The standard VideoPropulsion software development kit (SDK) and API that you've been using has not changed. A simple update to the current device driver is all you will need, aside from all the extra features you will want to take advantage of.

Torrent QN16e PCIe 16-128 Channel QAM Modulator

The Torrent QN16e is the latest PCIe QAM modulator card from VideoPropulsion. The QN16e is based on an underlying architecture that can provide up to 128 QAM channels on a single PCIe card!

QN12LPe Torrent QN12LPe PCIe 12 Channel QAM Modulator

The Torrent QN12LP and QN12LPe set new standards for stream density. They are the densest RF QAM Low Profile PCI cards on the market today, providing the capability to transmit nearly 500 Mbps of DTV transport streams using Annex A, B, or C from a single Low Profile PCI or PCI Express card slot.

Torrent CN3LPe PCIe 3 Channel DVB-T Modulator

The new generation Torrent CN3LP and CN3LPe help you configure systems that require up to 3 channels of DVB-T and DVB-H output in the 50 to 860 MHz RF spectrum on a Low Profile PCI or Low Profile PCI Express card. Concisely packaged in a minimum of space, the CN3LP and CN3LPe are standards compliant and cost effective.

Deluge DN6e PCIe 1,2,4,6 port DVB-ASI

The new generation DN6e is the latest addition to our mature, 3rd generation DVB-ASI PCI product line. The DX6e provides from 1 to 6 standards-compliant interfaces between DVB-ASI devices and PCI Express-based computer systems from a single PCI card slot.

Deluge DG-1000 DVB-ASI to IP Gateway

With 12 DVB-ASI ports, the DG-1000 is the ideal solution for integrating and bridging DVB-ASI interfaces to IP networks using Gigabit Ethernet. All 12 DVB-ASI ports are capable of moving SPTS or MPTS transport streams to Gigabit Ethernet networks and devices.

XC6 PCIe Transcoder Card

The XC6 Transcoder card is intended for use in high-density real-time MPEG transcoding applications for OEM and System Builders. The XC6 is a multi-format transcoder capable of delivering up to 24 streams, transcoded from MPEG2 to H.264, or H.264 to MPEG2, or H.264 to H.264. With support for transrating and transcaling of HD bitrates and resolutions down to smaller formats suitable for delivery in mobile/handheld video playback applications.