VideoPropulsion Interactive Television, Inc. (dba VideoPropulsion, OTC:"VPTV") is a non-reporting publically traded company. In 2001 VideoPropulsion filed a Form 15 with the Securities and Exchange Commission to cease its reporting obligations under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. The founders and employees own 98% of the outstanding shares. VideoPropulsion is headquartered in Slinger, Wisconsin.

VideoPropulsion designs, manufactures, and services cutting edge hardware and software for high bandwidth digital video networks.  The explosion in high-definition television ("HDTV") services adoption by consumers has set an expectation for availability of these services in other locations including hotels, hospitals, dormitories and other public venues.  VideoPropulsion develops appliances and cards that take a variety of inputs (satellite and cable feeds) and then perform a variety of tasks (decryption, encryption, demodulation, modulation, decoding, encoding, transcoding, demultiplex, multiplex) and output over coax or internet protocol ("IP").  This technology is essential for the secure delivery of HDTV services to multiple units in a single building.  VideoPropulsion's competitive advantage derives from seamless stream manipulation and management, all at the lowest cost in the industry.

Management has positioned VideoPropulsion to capitalize on the growing volume of digital video data, the exploding demand for encrypted HD services, and the corresponding need for fast, secure, and reliable distribution.  VideoPropulsion's cutting edge products and expertise across many different protocols and standards enable it to continue to lead the industry in providing innovative solutions.