Hospitality & Healthcare Solutions

A Recognized Leader in the Hospitality & Healthcare Vertical Markets

VideoPropulsion is a recognized leader in providing solutions for the hospitality and healthcare vertical markets. Our FloodGate appliances power the secure delivery of high definition digital television (HDTV) programming for thousands of commercial properties world-wide.

Whether the source content is terrestrial, cable, or satellite, premise-based or headend based, there is a FloodGate model suited to the task. A variety of models are available supporting distribution via RF (coax) or IPTV (Ethernet). All FloodGate models automatically encrypt the HD channels to meet content owner's strict requirements for content protection using standard technologies readily available from commercial hospitality television set manufacturers and third party set top boxes (STBs). FloodGate systems can co-exist with pay-per-view (PPV) and video on demand (VOD) systems currently deployed.

Content Sources:

  • Cable/MSO Customer Premise: CableCard using SiliconDust HDHomeRun or IP in-the-clear over fiber to the premise
  • Cable/MSO Headend Based: Multicast (or Unicast) IP SPTS or MPTS in-the-clear using cable headend source router
  • DIRECTV: in-the-clear or private-key encryption over IP using DIRECTV COM1000/2000
  • DVB-S2: direct reception with integrated DVB-S2 and support of DVB-CI or via multicast IP in-the-clear from external DVB-S2 receivers

Content Protection:

  • Pro-Idiom
  • SamsungLYNK
  • Verimatrix
  • Others (contact VideoPropulsion)


  • RF: QAM modulation over COAX networks
  • IPTV
    • Multicast IP over wired Ethernet networks. 
    • Wifi HLS over wireless networks 

VideoPropulsion’s FloodGate Manager provides an easy to use, efficient interface to manage the appliance, including: channel line-up configuration, channel failover, and troubleshooting features to maximize system uptime and viewer satisfaction.