FloodGate FG-4000E Series

Introducing the NEW FloodGate® FG-4000E Series for DISH Network, HDTV headend appliances for hospitality and other commercial markets. With a new 3-year warranty and features like Stream Prioritization, Receiver Failover, enhanced SNMP monitoring, extended satellite info, and support for Pro:Idiom, SamsungLYNK, or Verimatrix - FloodGate® FG-4000E is the premier commercial solution.

Three new models are available to deliver from 12 to 60 streams, with per-stream pricing available.

FloodGate FG-4000E Series

  • The entry-level “Splash” model FG-4100E provides up to 12
    streams, 1 Private Channel, and Receiver Failover.
  • The mid-tier “Downpour” model FG-4110E provides up to 40
    streams, 4 Private Channels, and is full-featured.
  • The high-end “Cloudburst” model FG-4120E is the flagship
    model and provides support for up to 60 streams, 6 Private
    Channels, and is full-featured.

VideoPropulsion continues as the leader in the industry for the highest density and lowest cost per stream!

  • Features
  • Specifications

Feature Benefit
Next Generation QAM & Transcrypter Technology Highest density/lowest cost per stream in the industry
Up to 30% less expensive Lower cost
Up to 40% lower power consumption Significantly lower operational cost
SNMP Monitoring including Fans & Temperature Extended SNMP monitoring/alerting of vital system health
Online Configuration Editor Easy online configuration in the UI
Displays Extended Satellite Information Shows transponder, channel, signal level for each receiver
Receiver/STB Failover Spare receiver(s) are used in the event of failed receiver(s)
Stream Prioritization Lowest priority channels are cannibalized to replace failed receiver(s)
Electronic Program Guide (EPG) Generates & displays EPG showing what’s playing on each channel
Private Channels Store & play custom digital content on QAM channels
SiliconDust HDHomeRun Support for Locals Use HDHomeRun to deliver ATSC off-air-locals, fully integrated into UI
UI Control of QAM RF Output Level No need for in-line physical “pads” to attenuate the output signal
Pro:Idiom, Samsung LYNK, or Verimatrix Supports ALL hospitality-approved content protection mechanisms
COAX or IP Output Supports existing COAX properties and newer green-field IP properties
3 Year Warranty Investment protection


  Splash Downpour Cloudburst
Model# FG-4100E FG-4110E FG-4120E
Min Streams 12 12 40
Max Streams 12 39 60
EPG No Yes Yes
Private Channels 1 4 6
Receiver Failover Yes Yes Yes
Stream Prioritization No Yes Yes
Online Config Editor No Yes Yes
UI Control QAM Output No Yes Yes
SNMP Fans & Temp No Yes Yes
HDHomeRun Locals No Yes Yes



QAM RF Output


  Connector 2 F-type, female
  Configuration 1x8 adjacent QAM channels
  1x4 adjacent QAM channels
  QAM ITU J.83 Annex B, 256-QAM
IP Inputs  
  Connections 1 GigE Ethernet RJ-45
  (Receiver aggregation)
  1 10/100Base-T RJ-45
  Protocols SNMPv1, SNMPv2
  UI IE7/8 browser



  Dimensions 13.25"Wx3.94"Hx16.38"D
  Weight 13 lbs.

Vertical or Horizontal