FloodGate FG-1800

The FloodGate FG-1800 Series EdgeQAMs are HDTV headend appliances for CATV and other commercial markets.  Available with 16 to 128 QAM channels in a 1U package. Standard EdgeQAM operation with IP in-the-clear input to QAM.

Optional DTCP encrypted input is supported with transcrypted output to other industry-standard content protection mechanisms like Pro:Idiom, SamsungLYNK, Verimatrix, and others. Other options include MPEG 1 audio transcoding to Dolby-AC3 for DIRECTV standard definition (SD) programming and full compatibility with DIRECTV Com1000/2000.

VideoPropulsion continues as the leader in the industry for the highest density and lowest cost per stream.

FG-1800 Series EdgeQAM

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Next Generation QAM & Transcrypter Technology

Highest density/lowest cost per stream in the industry

16 to 128 QAM channel outputs

Granular solution and pricing

Field upgradeable

Various upgrade steps available, contact VideoPropulsion

Gigabit Ethernet port

Multiple GbE to support up to 128 QAMs

Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI)

IPMI out-of-band management standard fully supported

IP in-the-clear to QAM

Standard EdgeQAM operation

Optional DTCP to Pro:Idiom encryption

Supports all hospitality standards for content protection

Optional MPEG1 to AC3 audio transcode

Compatible with DirecTV SD content & Technicolor COM1000

Compatible with Technicolor Com1000

Lower overall cost of operation

SNMP Monitoring including environment temps

Extended SNMP monitoring/alerting of vital system health

Web-based User Interface (UI)

Easy configuration and management

UI Control of QAM RF Output Level

No need for in-line physical “pads” to attenuate the output signal

3 Year Warranty

Investment protection