DISH Network Solutions

VideoPropulsion is the leading manufacturer of Hospitality HDTV appliances.  FloodGate models for RF or IPTV networks include optional Electronic Channel List or Electronic Program Guide (EPG), and Private Channel playout.

All FloodGate models automatically encrypt the HD channels to meet Hollywood’s strict requirements for content protection using Pro:Idiom®, SamsungLYNK®, or Verimatrix® encryption -- standard technologies widely available on commercial hospitality television sets or set top boxes for decryption.  FloodGate systems can co-exist with most pay-per-view and video on demand systems currently deployed.

VideoPropulsion’s FloodGate Manager web interface provides an easy to use, efficient GUI to manage all of your free-to-guest HD content.  It includes channel line-up configuration, receiver failover, channel prioritization, and troubleshooting features to maximize system uptime and viewer satisfaction.  SNMP management and monitoring are available on all models.

FloodGate FG-5000 Series Transcoders

The FloodGate FG-5000 Series Transcoders are an HDTV headend appliance for commercial markets. The FG-5000 Series are multi-format transcoders capable of delivering up to 336 streams in a 3U appliance. Transcode from MPEG2 to H.264, or H.264 to MPEG2, or H.264 to H.264. Support for transrating and transcaling of HD bitrates and resolutions down to smaller formats suitable for delivery in mobile, handheld, or TV everywhere digital video delivery applications.

FloodGate FG-4000E Pool

Introducing the NEW FloodGate® FG-4000E Pool – a satellite receiver controller for DISH Network® commercial headends. The Pool provides remote control for up to 99 satellite receivers in a headend through an easy-to-use web browser-based user interface (UI). Check the health & status of receivers, and control software updates, as well as remotely tune receivers. The FloodGate® FG-4000E is the premier commercial headend controller solution.


FloodGate FG-4000E Series

Introducing the NEW FloodGate® FG-4000E Series for DISH Network, HDTV headend appliances for hospitality and other commercial markets. With a new 3-year warranty and features like Stream Prioritization, Receiver Failover, enhanced SNMP monitoring, extended satellite info, and support for Pro:Idiom, SamsungLYNK, or Verimatrix - FloodGate® FG-4000E is the premier commercial solution.

Three new models are available to deliver from 12 to 60 streams, with per-stream pricing available.