DIRECTV Solutions

VideoPropulsion offers a number of solutions that are fully compatible with DIRECTV COM1000/COM2000 systems. DIRECTV offers a huge line-up of HDTV programming available for hospitality and other commercial markets. Content is securely delivered to hotel guest room televisions or set top boxes (STB) by the VideoPropulsion FloodGate. Content is protected using using Pro:Idiom, SamsungLYNK, or Verimatrix encryption output over existing RF coax or Ethernet IP network.



FloodGate FG-5000 Series Transcoders

The FloodGate FG-5000 Series Transcoders are an HDTV headend appliance for commercial markets. The FG-5000 Series are multi-format transcoders capable of delivering up to 336 streams in a 3U appliance. Transcode from MPEG2 to H.264, or H.264 to MPEG2, or H.264 to H.264. Support for transrating and transcaling of HD bitrates and resolutions down to smaller formats suitable for delivery in mobile, handheld, or TV everywhere digital video delivery applications.

FloodGate FG-4220S Series

The FloodGate FG-4200S Series gigabit Ethernet input takes MPEG2 Single Program Transport Streams (SPTS) in-the-clear over IP, then re-encrypts into Pro:Idiom, SamsungLYNK, Verimatrix, or other AES-128 based content protection mechanisms. Output is on a gigabit Ethernet interface utilizing IP multicast (or unicast).