Not your typical, ordinary, everyday EdgeQAMs!

VideoPropulsion FloodGate EdgeQAMs adhere to worldwide standards like DVB-C for QAM modulation and are fully ITU-T J.83 compliant which includes support for Annex A (8MHz), Annex B (6MHz), and Annex C - along with QAM-64 or QAM-256 modulation. COFDM modulation for DVB-T applications is also supported on select models. Standard EdgeQAM operations utilize IP in-the-clear input to QAM output.

FloodGate EdgeQAMs are capable of far more than just multiplexing and modulating. Optional DTCP encrypted input is supported with transcrypted output to other industry-standard content protection mechanisms like Pro:Idiom, SamsungLYNK, Verimatrix, and others. Other options include MPEG 1 audio transcoding to Dolby-AC3 for DIRECTV standard definition (SD) programming and full compatibility with DIRECTV Com1000/2000.

With a 3-year warranty, FloodGate EdgeQAMS are the premier commercial solution deployable worldwide with the highest density and lowest cost per channel on the planet!

FloodGate EdgeQAM

Models at a Glance:

Base Models

  • FG-1800K (16-128 QAM channels)
  • FG-4810K (8,12 QAM channels)
  • FG-4820K (16,20,24 QAM channels
  • FG-9800K (8,12,16,20,24 QAM channels)

EdgeQAMs with AC3 Audio Transcode for DIRECTV

  • FG-9805K (8,12,16,20,24 QAM channels, plus 36 audio transcodes)
  • FG-4815K (8,12 channels, plus 36 audio transcodes)
  • FG-4825K (16,20,24 QAM channels, plus 36 audio transcodes)

EdgeQAMs with DVB-C Annex A (8MHz) Output

  • FG-4810KA (5,10 QAM channels)
  • FG-4820KA (15,20 QAM channels)
  • FG-4110KA (10 QAM channels, 30HD or 60SD max)
  • FG-4310KA (15,20 QAM channels, plus IP output simultaneously)

EdgeQAMs with COFDM Output

  • FG-4310KT (3 COFDM channels, plus IP output simlultaneously)
FloodGate FG-1800 EdgeQAM FloodGate FG-1800

The FloodGate FG-1800 is the flagship EdgeQAM offering from VideoPropulsion, delivering from 16 up to to 128 QAM channels in a 1U Chassis!

FloodGate FG-4800

The FloodGate FG-4800 Series EdgeQAMs are available with 8 to 24 QAM channels and one Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) port. Standard EdgeQAM operation with IP in-the-clear input to QAM.

FloodGate FG-9800

Similar in features & specifications of the FloodGate FG-4800 Series, the FloodGate FG-9800 Series EdgeQAM is a rack mount version.