Decryption Solutions For Linear Content

Descramblers, also known as Decryptors, are used to bulk decrypt digital television content that is encrypted. VideoPropulsion provides a number of solutions using industry standards like Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 128-bit strong decryption.

Decryption solutions available for:  Verimatrix, VSECURE, DTCP, and DVB-CI and DVB-CSA solutions.

FloodGate FG-9200V Verimatrix Descrambler

The FloodGate FG-9200V Series is an HDTV headend appliance for commercial markets. With dual full-duplex 10 Gigabit (10GBase­T) or Gigabit (1000Base-T) interfaces, the FG‐9200V is capable of descrambling (decrypting) up to 700 Verimatrix® encrypted programs. Optional re‐scrambling to other popular AES‐128 based encryption standards and other proprietary content protection systems and optional digital watermarking.