Deluge DN6e PCIe 1,2,4,6 port DVB-ASI

DN6e PCIe 6 Port DVB-ASI CardVideoPropulsion is proud to introduce our new generation architecture for DVB-ASI PCI interface cards for integration into computer systems using Windows, Linux, and other UNIX operating systems, and in IPTV appliances that move data to and from IPTV networks.  VideoPropulsion Deluge DVB-ASI products have been widely used in the broadcast, cable, hospitality, and test and measurement markets since 1995. Based on Digital Video Broadcast (DVB) standards, this technology is widely used to distribute digital video in television studios, CATV headends, and satellite downlinks.

The Deluge DN1e, DN2e, DN4e, and DN6e PCI Express cards from VideoPropulsion redfine cost-per-stream for digital video networks by providing up to six DVB-ASI ports from a single PCI computer slot. You can choose the number of DVB-ASI ports that best fulfills your requirements from a range of standard configurations. Each port can be user configured as either an input or output enabling unprecedented flexibility to configure high density systems. An application can use an input port to read a Multi-Program Transport Stream (MPTS), de-multiplex it, and feed the resulting Single-Program Transport Streams (SPTS), or re-multiplex the streams, to any of the output ports. The possibilities are limited only by the imagination of the system designer.

Product Highlights

  • One to six DVB-ASI compliant copper interfaces
  • Over 900 megabit per second sustained data rate
  • Each DVB-ASI port is software configurable for either transmit or receive
  • Standard BNC connectors
  • Integrated low jitter DVB-ASI encoders, decoders, and serializers
  • Factory option: Adaptive equalization for long cables
  • Full power-up and service diagnostics
  • Compliant with PCI Express Version 1.0a

VideoPropulsion engineers, specialists in delivering supercomputer quality, high speed, high density, storage and networking solutions, have created a matchless product to meet requirements for the next generation of digital video deployments. Using patented architecture and timing mechanisms, the Deluge DN6e provides more MPEG output per PCI slot than any comparable modules being shipped today, delivering the lowest cost per stream in the industry.

VPiTVTM Libraries, the VideoPropulsion standardized application interfacing software, enables developers to build interactive VoD applications across a multi-vendor server environment. Customers can select from a broad range of interconnect hardware and use a common application program interface (API) which supports a fully heterogeneous server environment for the most popular operating systems: Sun Solaris , Linux, Windows, and FreeBSD.

  • Features
  • Specifications

Functional Specifications

  • One to six 270 Mbps DVB-ASI compliant copper ports
  • On-board multiplexing
  • Hardware assists for data manipulation & movement


  • DVB-ASI compliant MPEG-2 transport stream data through ports configured for receive, or passed to card via DMA.


  • MPEG-2 single program transport streams (SPTS) and/or multiple program transport streams (MPTS) over DVB-ASI through ports configured for transmit.

Software Compatibility:

  • API identical to other VideoPropulsion DVB-ASI and QAM products allowing customers to configure multiple products without changing the applications software. Support for Sun Solaris, Linux, Windows, and FreeBSD.

Downstream Compatibility:

  • MPEG/DVB-ASI compliance with set top decoder boxes (e.g. SA Explorer, GI DCT, Pace, Tandberg, NDS ); QAM & QPSK modulators, and other DVB-ASI compliant devices.

Performance Characteristics:

  • 1 - 6 channels of multiplexed DVB-ASI receive or transmit
  • Patented queuing style command/DMA interface between board and host driver allows multiple commands or DMAs to be issued and outstanding to the board at once
  • Patented timing mechanisms guarantee precise control of bit rates
  • Hardware assists requiring minimal host overhead for multiplexing & data movement
  • High density board dramatically reduces number of servers required


  • Mux initialization, open, close of independent DVB-ASI channels
  • Program stream initialization, open, close, stop immediately or stop after stream rundown
  • Output stream priming
  • PAT/PMT/SDT/NIT/SID table support
  • PID remapping and PID drop support
  • PCR restamping
  • Bandwidth management
  • Packet size support: 188 byte (204 byte support on request)
  • Dynamic Buffer Control

Driver Support


  • VDOPro DVB-ASI Mux Drivers for the Deluge DN1e, DN2e, DN4e, or DN6e:
    The VideoPropulsion Mux Drivers use hardware assists for multiplexing and a highly efficient patented architecture for precise timing. Designed to automatically detect and configure to the DVB-ASI hardware, these drivers offer numerous options to users. The driver accepts any combination of single program transport streams (SPTS) or multiple program transport streams (MPTS) and multiplexes them into a single, multiple program transport stream (MPTS). The MPTS is transmitted as DVB-ASI conforming to the DVB standard. The streams must be Constant Bit Rate (CBR) encoded and may contain embedded PAT, PMT and PCR data. The product is capable of remapping PIDs and restamping PCRs as needed for the multiplexing. Memory allocation routines are provided for managing the on-board SDRAM memory buffers. Included with the driver are sample programs and their sources for guidance in using the API to interface with higher level applications.
  • Mux Driver Transmit Support is currently available for:
DN6e Detailed Specifications
DVB-ASI Interfaces (1, 2, 4, or 6): Rate: 270 megabit/second data rate
Impedance: 75 ohm
PCI: PCI Express Version 1.0a
Environmental: 5C to 60C Operating Temperature Range
0% to 95% Humidity, non-condensing
Device Drivers and API: Linux
Power Requirements:

3.3V @ 1.7 Amps
12 Volts @ 0.25 Amps

Connectors: BNC connectors (standard)
Platform Support: Linux
Standards: DVB-ASI
PCI Express Version 1.0a