Deluge DG-1000 DVB-ASI to IP Gateway

12 DVB-ASI Ports

DG-1000 DVB-ASI to IP Gateway ApplianceThe DG-1000 is the ideal solution for integrating and bridging DVB-ASI interfaces to IP networks using Gigabit Ethernet. The DG-1000 is capable of taking MPTS or SPTS streams in from up to 12 different DVB-ASI sources, allows selection of desired input program(s) per ASI input port, optional CBR conversion (specify bitrate floor), multiplexes selected streams, and outputs MPTS (or SPTS for one program) via IP multicast on Gigabit Ethernet. The DG-1000 is fully standards-compliant for interoperability with a wide variety of DVB-ASI and Gigabit Ethernet devices.

Deluge DG-1000 installation is extremely quick using simple DVB-ASI BNC connectors to external DVB-ASI devices and a standard RJ-45 copper Gigabit Ethernet connection to a network or IP device.


Many DVB-ASI devices transmit many NULL transport stream packets that would consume unnecessary bandwidth on an IP link. The DG-1000 can be configured to strip NULL transport stream packets when converting DVB-ASI traffic to IP to maximize IP efficiency.

  • Next Generation hardware
  • 12 DVB-ASI input ports
  • Gigabit Ethernet output port
  • Web-based GUI
  • MPTS or SPTS input streams
  • Input stream grooming
  • VBR to CBR conversion (bitrate floor)
  • IP multicast:port output
  • MPTS or SPTS output
  • NULL packet stripping/stuffing


The Gateway Manager Web interface allows you to use a web browser to intuitively manage the configuration and routing of data between DVB-ASI devices and IP networks. Management tools are included to enable configuration and proactive remote service resolution through SNMP using standard network management applications.

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Next Generation DVB-ASI & Core Technology

Highest density/lowest cost per stream in the industry


DVB-ASI, MPEG2-TS, IP multicast

MPTS or SPTS input/output

Flexible MPEG2-TS input streams supported

Input stream grooming

Choose only the program(s) of interest

Live Configuration Editor

Easy online configuration in the GUI, monitor input streams

NULL packet stripping on input

Removes unnecessary NULL packets on input streams

NULL packet stuffing on output

Pads NULL packets on output to achieve desired CBR output bitrate

VBR to CBR conversion

Variable to Constant bitrate conversion by specifying bitrate floor

IP multicast output

MPEG2-TS over IP multicast:port per input group

High density

12 DVB-ASI ports

High performance

Up to 213Mbps DVB-ASI data rate on each port

Network Management

Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)

Web-based GUI

Easy setup and administration

1RU Rack space

Minimizes rack space requirements

1 Year Warranty

Investment protection

DVB-ASI Interface

  Connectord:            12 BNC female


                                     75 Ohm

IP Interface

  Connections :           1 GigE Ethernet RJ-45

                                      (Output port)

                                     1 10/100Base-T RJ-45

                                      (Management port)


  Protocols:                 SNMPV1, SNMPv2

  UI:                              IE7/8 browser


  Dimensions:             1RU, 15” deep, shelf required

  Weight:                     25lbs.

  Input Voltage:          100-240 VAC, 47-63Hz