About VideoPropulsion

VideoPropulsion Corporate HeadquartersFor nearly 50 years, VideoPropulsion Interactive Television, Inc. ("VideoPropulsion" OTC: "VPTV") has been a world leader in hardware and software for high performance, low cost per stream digital content movement. The Company has established a reputation in the DTV marketplace for providing unique High Definition Television (HDTV), Video on Demand (VoD), and Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) products. In addition to its highly acclaimed FloodGate appliance for hospitality HDTV, VideoPropulsion offers turnkey appliances for a variety of applications, including multiplexing, demultiplexing, modulation, demodulation, transcoding, encryption, and splicing, as well as OEM computer modules for DTV applications.

VideoPropulsion FloodGate appliances, QAMs, DVB-ASI transceivers, and digital video networking interfaces are deployed in thousands of hospitality sites, head-ends, satellite links, and media studios around the globe. "FloodGate", "Torrent", "Deluge", "Cascade", and "Maelstrom" are open standards product lines created by enterprise level DTV and networking experts and optimized for digital video transport. By offering cross-platform support for its leading-edge technology, VideoPropulsion has solved sophisticated problems for many major industry players.